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Why We Exist

MOXA started as a way for college students to help other college students and young professionals get moved out of their apartments and dorms. 

What we found along the way was that most moves only require muscle, time, and energy to get the job done.

Unfortunately, many moving companies  charge huge premiums for sub-standard service . The alternative? Do-it-yourself moving. For most people, the moving process is dreadful regardless of how excited they are about the final destination. 

The mission of MOXA is to make moving more enjoyable. We source athletic, friendly locals to move your stuff at a reasonable price. 

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Conner Sibley



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Graham Sibley


Our Story

Like many others, our story is as much about the people around us as it is about us.

One of our core beliefs is that work doesn’t have to be mindless or boring and opportunity is always around the corner. For us, this mindset is a result of the influencers around us, two of whom are our grandpa and our dad.

Jerry Sibley, along with his wife Reba, instilled in us an entrepreneurial mindset by example. Capitalizing on opportunities and leveraging personal passions, he built a multi-location nursery business called Grassland. For both of us, some of our best childhood memories were spending time with Papa Jerry and Mamaw Reba in their store. They taught us about customer experience and entrepreneurship when it was way less cool or popular.

Our dad, Carlos Sibley, has helped us understand how to serve people well from a young age. In what used to be a small Baptist church, we heard our dad prepare the congregation to serve new people well, telling them “company is coming” and it was time to prepare the table for the new guests. Company did come and the small church grew, but what remained the same was our dad’s unrelenting desire to care for whoever came in the door.

For both of us, what we are doing now is really nothing new. Our first business was a local sports newsletter called “Our View” that we started in elementary school. Entrepreneurship and servant leadership are part of who we are as people and MOXA is the next step in our journey. We are ordinary people with a story like you. We are still growing, learning, and being stretched. We don’t know where we will end up, but we are making our move.

Here's to making moves,

Graham and Conner